SERVPRO of Foxborough Employee Photos

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Owner- David Kurzontkowski

Dave is the proud owner of SERVPRO Framingham, Newton/Wellesley, Norwood/West Roxbury, Foxborough, and Natick/Milford. Dave's energetic personality and passion for his businesses is contagious and creates a very enthusiastic atmosphere in the work environment in the SERVPRO offices.  A former soccer-pro, Dave’s business career began in the Insurance Industry, after which he made the decision to pursue a franchise in Remediation and Remodeling.  Dave and his wife Jill, who is a co-owner, reside in Shrewsbury with their two daughters and two dogs, both boxers. 

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Monique - Office Manager

Monique is our dedicated Office Manager and has been with the company since 2011. She is responsible for the smooth operation of the offices of five franchises. "Mo" and her husband Michael have an adorable and active son, Liam. The family lives in Worcester with their dog Magnolia,  known affectionately as Maggie. They love to travel, cook unique dishes and go on family hikes with Maggie.  In her spare time, Mo works creatively on her original arts and crafts projects and gifting them to family and friends.

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Shawn - Operations Manager

As SERVPRO of Framingham's Operations Manager, Shawn oversees the entire production department, day to day operations, and large losses.  Shawn enjoys the simpler things in life, like spending time with his lovely wife and their two adorable children.  His hobbies includes fishing, hunting and enjoying the great outdoors.  Fun Fact: Shawn is a former baseball player with the Kansas City Royals! 

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Ben - Production Manager

Ben is a Production Manager who oversees the entire water, mold and fire remediation processes.  With purposefulness, he takes ownership of the customer's situation from first contact to completion of the project. Ben works relentlessly to make sure each job is done with the utmost quality as well as with concern for the client's stressful predicament. While not on the job, Ben and his wife, Jamie, are keeping up with their two adorable sons, Zach and Justin. Ben, a former college athlete, enjoys the golf links and following football. He was a former collegiate baseball player for Southern Connecticut State University. 

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Project Manager- Brian

Brian, our Production Manager, manages remediation jobs, ensuring a seamless operation of restoration of clients' homes and businesses. He is an expert in restoration after damage done by water, mold or fire. A conscientious employee, Brian brings a great deal of experience as well as an unmatchable gift of a dry and quick wit. He loves the game of football and is an ardent, die hard Patriots fan.  For his own recreation, it's the game of golf, on the links rain or shine. He is also Uncle Brian to two nephews.

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Production Manager- Julio

Julio is a Production Crew Chief at SERVPRO. He is responsible for leading his crew to success on the job. Julio originally came to the USA 18 years ago from El Salvador, and he speaks English and Spanish! Julio also has a son named Daniel.

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Director of Business Development- Tom

Tom Riley is the Director of Business Development at SERVPRO. Prior to joining SERVPRO, Tom was the Director of Sales for Marriott & Hilton Hotels for over ten years. In 2013, he won the Sales Leader of the Year Award for the Colwen Hotels Franchise. Tom and his wife Kate, a real estate agent, are deeply involved in volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They have two amazing dogs, Louie the pug and Bucket, a golden retriever.  The family resides on peaceful Spring Lake in Glendale, RI. Tom is the fun uncle and family favorite, especially to his eleven nieces and nephews!  In his spare time, besides following horse racing, he is rooting for his favorite teams, the NY Giants, Boston Red Sox, and the Boston Celtics.

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Project Manager- Jose

Jose is a Project Manager here at SERVPRO. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending his family, especially barbecuing. He has three beautiful daughters, and his favorite soccer team is Real Madrid!

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Rebuild Project Coordinator- Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Rebuild Project Coordinator at SERVPRO. She is originally from El Salvador, and moved to Massachusetts at age eight, where she has lived ever since. She is currently in college, and she enjoys traveling with her family!

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Assistant Office Administrator- Danielle

Danielle has been an Administrative Office Assistant at SERVPRO of Framingham since the summer of 2017. Her roles include the daily task of accounts receivable, job leads, customer relations and quality control. She lives in Westborough with her husband and their two energetic and active kids.  On the weekends you'll find her cheering her children on at their Hockey, Lacrosse and Soccer games.  Danielle enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, whether it is hosting a dinner party, camping in Vermont or enjoying the beaches of the Outer Banks.  Her hobbies include baking with her kids, working out and walking her Bullmastiff, Sadie.

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Assistant Office Administrator- Jess

Jess is an Administrative Office Assistant at SERVPRO. You can expect to hear her friendly voice when you call us! When she is not in the office, she enjoys hiking, and spending time with her family! She also loves to bake, especially Tres Leches cakes, and she enjoys photography. Jess is bilingual, meaning she can speak both English and Spanish!

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Social Media Strategist- Avery

Avery is our Social Media Strategist at SERVPRO. She is responsible for the handling and development of our social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and also adds new content to our website! Avery is also a full time student, and in her free time, enjoys spending time with friends, sewing and doing other crafts, and filming and creating videos for SERVPRO or YouTube. She also loves to travel.

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Production Crew Chief- Omar

Omar is a Production Crew Chief at SERVPRO. He is responsible for leading crews in the damage restoration process. When he is not on the job, he enjoys playing soccer! His other hobbies include fixing up his house to improve it, and collecting things. Omar is the proud father of a son who he loves to play with.

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Production Crew Chief- Carlos

Carlos is a Production Crew Chief here at SERVPRO. He is originally from El Salvador, and loves to vacation back there to enjoy the warm weather. He also enjoys the company fishing trip we take each summer! He has a beautiful wife named Selena, and a little boy named Marc.

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Production Crew Chief- Amy

Amy is a Fire Crew Chief at SERVPRO. Amy is very experienced at her job, having been in the restoration field since 2010! When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Hayleigh and Gracelyn, and the newest addition to her family, her granddaughter Briella! She also loves warm weather and spending time outside. 

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Production Technician- Kevin

Kevin is a Production Technician at SERVPRO. When Kevin is not on the job, he enjoys playing the guitar! He also loves to go to the movie theater, and he can speak two languages!

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Production Technician- Ricardo

Ricardo is a production technician.

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Production Technician- Nelson Jr.

Nelson Jr. is a Production Technician. He is one hard worker, and he takes pride in having lots of patience. He believes that attention to detail is key in his work, and goes by the motto, "If I do something, I do it good". You can trust Nelson to do his work in the best way he can.

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Production Technician- Nelson Sr.

Nelson Sr. is a Production Technician at SERVPRO. He takes his job very seriously and is very responsible! He also likes to make you laugh. He has four children, and he used to play soccer!

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Production Technician- Rodney

Rodney is a Production Technician at SERVPRO. He is also the employee who has been here the longest at our franchise! When he is not on the job, he enjoys playing soccer in his free time. He has two daughters, and a fun fact about Rodney is he was born in Brazil!

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Production Technician- Emilio

Emilio is a Production Technician at SERVPRO. When Emilio is not on the job being a hero, he enjoys fishing! He also loves to spend time with his beautiful family. Fun fact: Emilio is Salvadorian!

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Production Technician- Walter

Walter is a production technician.